Dune Imperium / Uprising: Spice tokens set of 24 or 27 (Double Sided)



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A collection of 24 or 27 (based on variation) double sided tokens designed for use with Dune Imperium / Uprising.
What sets these tokens apart?

Crafted with precision through etching and laser cutting, these tokens exhibit finely detailed features. The addition of hand-painted, bold, and vibrant gold or white accents (depending on the token color) ensures their distinct visibility on the gaming surface, facilitating clear communication among all players.

Rather than merely printing artwork and paint on the surface, we’ve chosen to engrave and paint directly into the acrylic material. This deliberate choice ensures the durability of the tokens, making them resistant to the gradual wear and tear that could otherwise cause the artwork and paint to fade or scratch off over time.

This item includes:
– 20 Tokens worth 1 spice (Small)
– 4 Tokens worth 5 spice (Large) or 7 Tokens worth 5 spice (Large) based on variation selected.

These items are typically supplied with a white protective paper film front and back to protect them during production and transit which should be removed once received.

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Dune Imperium / Uprising: Spice tokens set of 24 or 27 (Double Sided)
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